First Base Homebuyer Club


“First Base Homeowner” Club…

Golden KeyThe First Base Homeowner (FBH) Club is exclusively designed for first time home buyers who wish to follow the step-by-step program and obtain the best possible ratebest possible homebest possible price
As a First Base Homeowner (FBH) Club member you receive the following benefits:

  • Special Access to homes not in the Multiple Listing Service, For Sale By Owner’s, Expired Listings, etc.).
  • Special 1-on-1 meeting with First Time Buyer Loan Consultant.
  • Special Pre-Approval from a First Time Buyer Loan Consultant.
  • Realtor®  pays full attention and commitment to Buyer’s needs.
  • Buyer can talk freely, everything said is held in confidence.
  • Realtor® suggests alternative solutions, increasing the supply of appropriate properties .
  • Buyer gets first opportunity to view new listings.
  • Realtor offers objective evaluation of the property both positive and negative accompanied by facts to assist Buyer in making an informed decision.
  • Realtor® educates the buyer by comparing competing and closed properties.
  • Realtor® educates the buyer by planning a negotiating strategy for the purchase agreement.
  • Realtor® suggests procedures that will strengthen the buyers negotiating position.
  • Realtor® provides price counseling for the buyer using a Comparative Market Analyses.
  • Contract will be written with buyer protective clauses included.
  • Financing alternatives for buyers best interest will be suggested.
  • Realtor® negotiates on behalf of the buyer.
  • Realtor® maintains constant communication with buyer during negotiation while continuing searching for other appropriate properties, to enhance the buyers negotiating position.
  • Realtor® strengthens the buyers negotiating position by discussinng offers and any other information about the sellers that would aid the buyer.
  • Realtor® discloses all information about the seller and/or the property that benefits the Buyer’s negotiation posture unless the buyer agrees otherwise.
  • Realtor® overseas all transactional details throughout the transaction to Buyer’s satisfaction.
  • Realtor® keeps all information confidential and provides referral to ancillary service providers.
  • Special Homeowner Discount Coupons to local merchants.
  • Supply of customized moving boxes and packing supplies for FREE ($110 value).
  • House warming party sponsored by EMA Real Estate Team.
  • Quarterly House visits from a member of EMA Real estate Team.
  • $2,500 Five-Star ESAP guarantee (conditions apply).
  • Note: The First Base Homeowner Club is not for everyone.

Begin by completing the “First Base Homeowner Club Online Assessment Form.” We look forward to serving all your real estate needs using the proven step-by-step buying process (Buyer Representation Agreement required).