A Veteran at What He Does – 5 Stars


Mr. Arah is a veteran at what he does and his experience really shines through the devotion and time he invests into his work and clients. If you are strapped for time, Mr. Arah is able to work around you schedule and walk you through the acquisition process of any property you are interested in. I was really impressed with his negotiation skills as well as his ability to give accurate advice if you are looking to throw your “bid” on a property. I stuck with Mr. Arah through 3 property purchases, one of which was my first, and I feel as though his experience was what primarily led to my acquisition of these properties. I’ve talked a lot about Mr. Arah’s experience, which is always good to have, but it is also important to be able to hold a respectful conversation with your agent, and I can honestly say that Mr. Arah is the most respectful real estate agent I’ve ever worked with. I would recommend him to anyone who is considering an agent’s help in buying a property.