Leslie Thaxton & Ramon Rolle, Baltimore MD


The apprehension of the real estate process disappeared as soon as we had our initial meeting with Emcee.

“His skill, experience and care were immediately obvious as he probed our objectives while explaining the step-by-step process. Emcee’s philosophy and commitment of becoming a real estate consultant for life also came through as he pointed out both good attributes as well as faults of the homes he showed us, reaffirming that he will only sell us the one with our most expression of ‘wows’. And that’s exactly what happened when we viewed the row house that we eventually bought. We are delighted with the house as well as with the service that allowed us to save over $7,000 and settled in our new home with about $1500. We are ever grateful to our lender for referring us to Emcee and will always refer our friends and family to Emcee.”